Our objectives are to help attract and promote foreign investments, foster privatization of Polish industry, upgrade management and technical expertise, and increase productivity and competitiveness in the domestic and export markets.

Scope of activity:
Since 1997 W.M.A. - Audit & Financial Advisors, Ltd. has focused on service related to economic and financial analysis as well as companies valuation. However, ours experts can support and provide assistance to the Polish and foreign clients for a variety of services:

Our experts have had a privilage to advise or render other services to such companies as: Sears, Black & Decker, Whirpool, Huges Satelite System, Nynex, PGNIG, Bumar, PLL Lot, ITE, CSH, Unitra, Labimex, Finryan, Inter-Vis, to name a few.


We have got many positive testimonials issued by domestic and foreign companies, institutions and organisations. All of them confirm that our multidisciplinary consultants with legal and commercial experience are very energetic and task-oriented persons who could do an excellent job for very demanding clients. As an example, we have privilege to quote an opinion of Mr David Keefe – the former President of Small Business Committee at US Chamber of Commerce who claimed that “with our professionalism, confidentiality and business ethics we are able to satisfy the needs of each international company interested in reaching any task in Poland or other former COMECON countries”.

Should you wish we would be glad to present additional testimonials and references.