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Wealth Management Advisors - Audit & Financial Service, Ltd.
in abber: W.M.A. - Audit & Financial Service, Ltd.

9/27, Kasprzaka Str.
01-211 Warszawa

Court register:
KRS 0000229868
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W.M.A. - Audit & Financial Service, Ltd.
was established in 1995 and oficialy registered under number 189 on the domestic list of auditing companies.
The initials of the principal founding members - Ms Maria Wójtowicz and her son - Mr Andrzej Wójtowicz form the name "W.M.A."


Maria Blanka Wójtowicz, LL.M., M.A. (1930-1995)

Ms Maria B. Wójtowicz, economist and lawyer, was a great expert in corporate finance. As an financial director or auditor she specialized in heavy industry, construction and agriculture companies. She was not only a professionalist but also visioner with great ideas. Showing generosity to friends and leniency to envious people she was always ready to come to selfless aid of people in needs. For memory of her very specific atitude to life, people and wealth a maxim ubi thesaurus tuus, ubi cor tuum has been adopted as a company's motto.

Andrzej Stanisław Wójtowicz, Ph.D, M.Sc.

He has got interdisciplinary education, comprising the profound knowledge in management, finance and economics (the Warsaw School of Economics degree of Ph.D.), accounting, commerce and marketing, high-tech technologies and computer science (M.Sc. in Electronics and doctoral studies at the Warsaw Technical University) as well as dozen or so years of experience in foreign and domestic trade activity, commercial management and consultancy in the scope of the restructuring, managing and the development of domestic and foreign enterprises. For many years he was in charge of analysing and implementing strategies to capture both directional and relative value trading opportunities almost all over the world.

Our objectives are to help attract and promote foreign investments, foster privatization of Polish industry, upgrade management and technical expertise, and increase productivity and competitiveness in the domestic and export markets.